Friday, July 9, 2010


The 11 of us just got back from Nashville, IN where we held our staf retreat. We had gorgeous accommodations thanks to Jon Collier complete with hot tub, ping pong table and fire pit. As far as retreats go it was pretty standard in terms of term building, self - assessment and goal setting. For the first time I felt less like a pledge and more like a member of the team, and I think most of the other new guys felt the same way.

The entire car trip there and back we worked on our flash cards to memorize our chapter designations before our test on Wednesday. I'm feeling pretty confident, but thought it would be a much longer time before taking another test after I left Ann Arbor.

We have really great group assembled who are able to be serious when need be, and loose most of the other times. I'm excited to get back to training on Tuesday after we volunteer at a Golf event on Monday. Only a couple more days before I find out where I'll be for the beginning of the school year.

Biggest Change After 1 Week: Coffee Drinking
High: Sitting around the camp fire getting to know people on a more personal level
Low: Goal Setting - brought back too many memories of RBC

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