Friday, July 23, 2010

FEA Field Staff

Earlier this week the other new consultants and I traveled to Indianapolis for the FEA Field Staff Conference. It brings together close to 200 consultants in an opportunity to meet each other and train for the difficult year(s) ahead. I had the chance to converse with other consultants, Executive Vice Presidents of ZBT and AGD, the Phired Up! staff as well as other Greek Life professionals.

One of the overall themes of the conference was the idea of Values, and the trouble that comes from when our values and actions are not congruent. So many Greek organizations are founded on principles like Scholarship, Friendship, Integrity, Purity...and the list goes on and on. However, many of the issues that occur in fraternities and sororities stem from the lack of living out the values that we all swore an oath to uphold. Without our values and mission, what makes fraternity any different from the anime club?

The conference ended with John Shertzer's inspirational message based around the idea of values. One question he asked really hit home he asked was:

"If you could start a Greek organization right now, what values would found it on?"

My Answer: Leadership, Accountability, Service, Integrity and Love

What would yours be?

High: Getting tackled by Indianapolis Indians mascot after carrying him up the stairs on my back
Low: A terribly facilitated hour and a half presentation about effective facilitation.

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