Thursday, April 12, 2012

Summer Recruitment Part 3

After creating a flawless Summer Recruitment foundation there's only one question left: where do you find people?

Here's a couple strategies:

High School Lists - Have each member reach out to the college counselor from their high school to get a list of students coming to your university. Now have them expand their reach to other high schools in the district/region.

Sorority Referrals - Do you have friends in sororities? Of course you do. The premise is simple; ask them who they know coming to your university. There are two ways this can be done. You could do a formal presentation . This involves dressing up, going to their meeting, making them laugh and finally asking them for referrals. Informally, you could simply reach out to sorority women and ask them who they know coming to your university.

Alumni Referrals - What a great way to engage alumni! Ask them to help you recruit. Does your chapter have an alumni newsletter? The answer better be "yes". Add a small box in your next newsletter that outlines how your chapter is looking for high caliber men like themselves and what a huge help it would be to the chapter.

Organization Referrals - There are hundreds of state and regional organizations that you can contact for referrals. A short list would be: Student Council, National Honors Society, Future Business Leaders of America, Future Farmers of America, DECA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Eagle Scouts... the possibilities are endless.

Lists - I was recently talking to a Greek Adviser who told me "I have a list of all incoming freshmen males with names, phone numbers and emails. All they have to do is ask for it". I recommend asking the Greek Adviser, Director of Admissions, New Student Orientation and anyone else with access to freshmen for a list. The worst that can happen is they say no, at which point you thank them for their time and find the next person to ask.

Tabling - If your university offers some kind of "preview day" where incoming students come to learn about the school and take tours use this opportunity to table somewhere on the tour path. Offer information on classes, general advice or just water on a hot day. Make sure you're also collecting their contact info and putting transferring it to the Names List.

Member Positioning - Let's take the previous suggestion a step further. Instead of tabling during the tours, why not have your members be the tour guides? This automatically puts them in a position of power and the ability to collect their contact information. As a recruitment chair you should explore the different opportunities to put your members in these types of positions.

Freshmen Scholarship - I've written extensively on the topic HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Other Chapters in Your Area - Contact the other chapters of your organization in the area and set up a referral exchange. Ask them to compile a list of people they know coming to your university in exchange for a list of everyone your chapter knows going to there's.

That should be enough to keep your Summer Recruitment teams busy. If not, remember that any activity or interaction that adds names to your Names List will drive results. Check back tomorrow for how to double the size of your new member class in the first two weeks of school.

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