Monday, April 16, 2012

Summer Recruitment Part 4

Hopefully at this point you have executed a successful Summer Recruitment program and have numerous guys signed before they step on campus (assuming that it's within the rules). The real magic happens once those men you recruited turn around and start recruiting for you.

Think about it, you now have 5, 10, 15, 20+ New Members who attended high schools, live in residence halls and are taking freshmen classes. Your newest members are generally your most excited so use them! Here are some strategies to utilize them to their full potential:

Mind Joggers - Sit your new members down and have them do Mind Joggers to add many more names to your Names List. Then turn around and invite those people to your small recruitment events.

3x7 Challenge - This activity will get your New Members actively recruiting in their classes.

5x5 Challenge - Another activity to drive up the number of names on the Names List

Move In - Does your campus offer some form of a move-in program to assist other students into their residence halls? If so encourage both your older and new members to volunteer as this is a great way meet new people.

Answer Booth - Every incoming freshmen is going to have questions: Where's the book store? Where should I eat? What classes should I take? Where's the bus stop? How do I get football tickets? This is an opportunity for both new and old members to come together and help answer these questions. Set up a table in a main area or in a residence hall. Make sure you're not only answering questions but also collecting their contact information for the Names List.

Sports - Have your new members go through their residence halls and invite their floormates out to play the sport of your choosing. Most former high school athletes will be jumping at the chance to play as well as to meet new people on campus.

By doing some of these activities in the first 1-3 weeks of school your chapter can double or triple the size of your new member class. Hopefully these posts will serve as a guide to starting/improving your chapter's Summer Recruitment program. There is an enormous opportunity to grow your chapter exponentially by following some of the basic strategies outlined in these posts. It may not be perfect act first, but you have to start somewhere.

I'd love to hear success stories come September.

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