Sunday, August 15, 2010

Calm Before The Storm

So this past month has flown by. Tomorrow the staff is heading to Purdue for a training visit. I'll be returning with a few others Tuesday night, spend Wednesday morning packing my materials and hitting the road to Fayetteville Arkansas. I plan on stopping for the night to stay with one of my chapter brothers in St. Louis. In total, the drive is going to take about 12 hours.

I'm excited to get down there. We've been training non-stop since I got here on July 5th, and we really tightened the screws this week to get everyone ready to hit the road. It reminds me of my time playing high school football. As a linemen, we practiced hours a day for weeks hitting the same people over and over again. We would do the same drills, same film sessions and same simulations until finally we were able to go out on that first Friday night under the lights and had the privilege of finally taking it out on someone in different colored jersey.

That's how I feel now. We've done training, case studies, practice presentations, tests, pop quizes, conferences, risk management training.... You name it and we've probably been exposed to it. We as consultants can only pretend to be helping people for so long, finally we get a chance to go out and make a difference with real people and real chapters. The most exciting part is that I know eventually there's going to be a curve ball, something we didn't train for.

Its going to be an adventure. My hope is that I can stay connected to everyone I care about despite being 12+ hours away. Write me emails, comment on my blog, even send me letters/packages. Any small act will be greatly appreciated. I've already learned how difficult keeping friendships together can be.

For those that missed it, here's my short ELI video I created:

High: Getting ready for a new chapter in my life
Low: Packing up my life for the second time in just over a month

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