Tuesday, November 16, 2010

General Update

Hello Friends,
I apologize for the lack of updates recently, I've been lacking creative inspiration.

Arkansas has been treating me well. The weather was holding out in the 60's up until Saturday. I get strange looks around campus when everyone else is bundled from head to toe and I'm still in shorts and short sleeves. One of the many benefits to being from Michigan.

Last Saturday was the last Arkansas football game here in Fayetteville. I know I've written about my disappointment in SEC Game Day, and I have to say that feeling persists. I understand that its hard to get excited when the last game is against powerhouse UTEP, but Game Day is Game Day. I'll take my Big 10 football any day. On a happier note, I've been really excited about how many Michigan games have been an ABC/ESPN. I've only had to watch 2 games on my computer. 

Last week we had officer elections for next semester. For a new group participating in elections for the first time, I was impressed with how smoothly it went. There were bumps along the way, but those will be ironed out in the coming weeks when the Bylaws are revisited. I'm very excited to work with our new board, and have been planning a Transition Retreat for the last couple days. In putting this whole event together, I forgot how much I love doing event planning/programming. 

For the last week or so I've been reading Decision Points by George W Bush. If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend it. As someone who marched down Pennsylvania Ave during Bush's second Inauguration with a sign that read "Worst President Ever", I have to say I'm impressed. Its easy to demonize W and the decisions he made (especially when you are young and impressionable by the Main Stream Media). The book is organized thematically, as opposed to Clinton's book which was chronological. The book has a lot of W's voice, which makes it an easy read. 

Reading Decision Points has also renewed my interest in going into politics in the future. Everything is so fluid and exciting. At every point in the book I imagine myself in the situation and it excites me. I'll hopefully look into opportunities next year. I'm hoping Brett Vasicek can get me a job with new Michigan governor Rick Snyder.

I'm excited to go back to Michigan for Thanksgiving, even if its only for a couple days.

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