Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SEC Speed

This past weekend was my first experience with SEC football atmosphere. Coming from a large football school, I was interested to see how football saturdays compared in a different part of the country. Here are a couple of my observations:

- The game started at 6PM, and most people didn't seem to start tailgating till around 1-2PM

- The Parents Club provided food for the alumni and undergraduates here at the Phi Delt house

- A lot of their pre-game festivities fell more into the "tail-gating" category in parking lots, even for students

- Walking down the sidewalk with red solo cups in completely normal, which my Ann Arborites consider a mortal sin

- There was a more-or-less single file line down the sidewalk for students to get into the stadium... not the angry mob I'm used to

- A majority of fans (students included) left by halftime

- Students don't have a "student football T-shirt", or a "Go Greek" shirt

- Most students wear polo's, button downs or blazers to the game. And Everyone wears red, one of the advantages of only having one dominant color

- The Arkansas game wasn't even on TV and was blacked out on ESPN3.com

- They lit off fireworks after EVERY touchdown.... against powerhouse Tennessee Tech.

- I was of course wearing my white Michigan jersey around the house and asked repeatedly about Ryan Mallett. I'll be happy as long as our games continue to be on basic cable.

I didn't actually attend the game, as I didn't want to spend money to go watch a beat down. I'll be looking for tickets for the next couple games here, including Alabama, so I can give you the rundown from inside the stadium. Another weird football thing - they play two games in Little Rock, on the other side of the state. That leaves students with roughly 4-5 home games here in Fayetteville.

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